Better Credit Silver Plan

$199.00/ Per Month

Initial One Time Fee of $249.00

3-6 Month Average Completion Time.
Month to Month Contract.

Silver Plan Enrollment Request

Enroll in our Silver Plan through Docusign or eSign. Once we receive your request, you will receive a link within 24 hours.

Allow Better Credit to contact me

I understand that a Representative from Better Credit will contact me to request additional sensitive data for this quote.

Give us a call at +1 844 34 BCUSA
or email to

What’s the Operational Process?


Submit 3-merged report (TU, Equifax, Experian) for initial audit & estimate generation.

Get it for free at CreditCheckTotal or CreditScore.


Receive an estimate from us with detailed break-down of the total cost, time needed to complete the repair and the target credit score at completion.


Sign a contract, submit a copy of driver’s license & an utility bill.

Optionally enroll for credit monitoring.


Sit back and watch your score rise.

Make sure to check your email for updates and recognitions from us.