Silver Plan at $199.00/ Per Month

With One Time Enrolment Fee of $249.00

3-6 Month Average Completion Time. Month to Month Contract.

Silver Plan Enrollment Request

Enroll in our Silver Plan through Docusign or eSign. Once we receive your request, you will receive a link within 24 hours.

    Allow Better Credit to contact me

    I understand that a representative from Better Credit will contact me to request additional sensitive data for this quote.

    Give us a call at +1 844 34 BCUSA
    or email to

    What’s the Operational Process?


    Submit 3-merged report (TU, Equifax, Experian) for initial audit & estimate generation.

    Get it for $1.00 at CreditCheckTotal or CreditScore.


    Receive an estimate from us with detailed break-down of the total cost, time needed to complete the repair and the target credit score at completion.


    Sign a contract, submit a copy of driver’s license & utility bill.

    Optionally enroll for credit monitoring.


    Sit back and watch your scores improve.

    Make sure to check your email for updates and recognition from us.

    All of our processing communications, updates, settlements, and recommendations are in writing and via email.