Refund – Cancellation Policies

The contract is on a month to month basis (not to exceed six (6) months) with payments automatically made as described above. BCUSA will attempt to remove all inaccurate, obsolete, unverifiable, misleading, and erroneous information from the client'(s) credit reports. In order to comply with the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), BCUSA may only charge for services rendered. Therefore, BCUSA shall not require or collect first payment prior to a consultation, which includes but is not limited to, education on the FICO scoring model, analyze/audit the “Client’s” credit reports and develop a plan to investigate, validate, and delete, correct or change those negative items which can be deleted. When the “Client” finds it necessary to cancel the “Services” and terminate this contract, the “Client” shall give 30 days prior written notice requesting such termination to BCUSA. The “Client” is responsible for payment of any “Services” performed by BCUSA up to the date of receipt of the notice to cancel such “Services”.